Who We Are

Please visit our blog to get acquainted with our style of thinking. We are a professional international team, who is 100% committed to making a difference in our clients´ lives. Because we care, every client will get the feeling they are our sole clients at the time of their coaching period.

We believe every person is so unique, which makes every client so interesting to us, and that is why every coaching relationship is an exciting one to us.

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Life is so beautiful and dynamic, and so are people´s personalities and circumstances. Byron Katie always asks her audience:

¨Who would you be without your story?”

This phrase occupies a significant place in our philosophy, as it could refer to two directions:

  •   Who would you be if you let go of your negative thoughts around an upsetting matter?
  •   Who would you be if you had not been through these negative experiences that led you to feel upset, sad, miserable, etc.?
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No matter how dark your path is, we can help spread some sunshine on every step of your way. We can walk right next to you. We will take your hand when you fall, help you get back on your course, and move forward.

As our coaching relationship stamps its milestones along a proud journey of achievements, you will look at your life with a totally different and clear perspective; everything will appear to have had a reason, for which you have had to experience them. No matter which direction you will look, you will still feel privileged. You may well be able then to answer so many questions you had long looked for their explanations in your life, at work and in your relationships. Only then, you will feel serene, secure and happy.

Happiness is derived from within, and not from looking for it outside ourselves. This is our basic belief and starting point.

Real Happiness is derived from achieving Wisdom. Deriving Wisdom from within, our lives will start to look much clearer than before.

Come, enjoy the journey with us!

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